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Smart (Trifocal) Lens Operations

Smart lenses are intraocular lenses that provide good vision when looking at both far, near and intermediate distances. In other words, they are lenses that increase the quality of life by providing good vision at every focal distance while writing on our mobile phone, watching television, looking at the kitchen counter or trying to read the sign on the opposite side. smart lenses; It is also known as intraocular lens or multifocal / trifocal.


Revolutionizing the field of eye surgery all over the world; In the SMILE method, which is used in the treatment of visual defects up to the size 14, lid (flap) lifting is not performed as in other methods.

Eye Pressure

It may not show any symptoms other than mild pain until its insidious and final stage. In the diagnosis, measurement of eye pressure level, examination of the optic nerve (eyeball examination) and computerized visual field test are of great importance.


Although it usually occurs in both eyes, one eye is always more severely ill than the other. Therefore, patients with good eyesight may not notice that the cataract in their other eye has progressed to very advanced levels.

Advantages of The ReLEx® SMILE

ReLEx® SMILE is suitable for individuals over 18 years of age with myopia or astigmatism. Myopia and astigmatism patients with active lifestyles who want to avoid the possibility of lid slippage in Lasik or the long and uncomfortable healing process of PRK are among those who prefer SMILE Laser the most.


Corneal and refractive coherence (capless technique)


Precise and fast treatment (24 second laser time)


Less chance of dry eye (small incision of only 2 mm)


Fast recovery (10 times smaller incision area than LASIK)

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